Montreal’s Erotic Art Festival returns for its 11th consecutive year as Montreal’s original s.e.xposition!

Featuring hundreds of local and international artists, the Montreal Erotic Art Festival is a celebration of sexuality & erotica in art in its many forms.

Paintings – Drawings – Sculptures – Multimedia – Movies – Photography – Fashion – Live Performance & more

This year the festival will take place in the heart of the gay village: Circus 917 Ste-Catherine East.

The space will be transformed into a pop-up Erotic Art Museum with 4 unique areas adorned with a wide variety of erotic art instalations.

Call for entries for the 2018 Montreal Erotic Art Festival

Opening and Official Launch of the Festival on August 30, 2018 at Circus, 917 Ste-Catherine Street East, Montreal


You are cordially invited to submit a file to participate in the 11th edition of the Montreal Erotic Art Festival organized by the Conseil des artistes québécois in partnership with Cirque De Boudoir and the Montreal Museum of Erotic Art. The objectives of the festival are to promote the arts in eroticism, an exceptional opportunity for an evolving society. The festival as a whole welcomes a growing number of visitors.

General information

An agreement will be signed between the participating artists and the Conseil des artistes québécois (CAQ), which produces the Montreal Erotic Art Festival.

If you would like to participate in the festival by suggesting an activity, let us know by visiting the contact page or our facebook.

File Submission Fee

A $ 10 fee is required to submit a file.
This can be paid by cash, check, e-transfer, Visa, or PayPal to
You can submit your payment by mail or by contacting us, 514-347-6910 to make arrangements. Address = 4816 Jeanne-Mance Street, Montreal, Canada H2V 4J7

The submitted files will be presented to the jury upon receipt of the participation fee.

Participation and membership fees to the Council

Any participating artist must be a member-artist of the Conseil des artistes québécois whose membership is $ 40 which will be offered free of charge with the participation fee in the amount of $ 35.

Following the decision of the selection committee, all artists will be kept updated on the committees decision.

The Council is not subsidized and it is thanks to the effort of the group that we can mount events of this magnitude.

The Council asks the artist for permission to use, at the Council’s expense, your copyright to reproduce the selected works in five copies of 8.5 ” x 11 ” and make use of them, either by giving them or selling them between $ 5 and $ 20.

International artists, media arts, cinema and others are welcome:

You can submit your works and if they are selected, it will be possible
1. To Be exposed (at your shipping costs)
2. Your pieces could be presented on a giant screen and you will be recognized as a participating artist.
Clauses that will appear in the agreement between the artist and the council.
– The artist will receive 70% of the sale of his works, the Council will retain 30%.
– The artist will assign his copyrights to works exhibited solely for the purpose of promoting current and future Erotic Art Festivals organized by the Council or archiving the Festival on the web or other media.

Submission of files

To submit your files, send an email to with the SUBJECT field: Festival 2018 – YOUR NAME

Step 1

Make sure you send your file submission to the correct address:

Step 2

At the beginning of the email, please indicate:
Your name
Artist name as needed
Address, postal code

Step 3

Attach your approach and CV in word format (.doc or .docx) to your email, if available.

Step 4

The images you send must be in .jpg format and named as follows:
For example:
Do not put accents, spaces or acronyms: *! & ‘”, @, [… in the file name.

Ideally, the images should be of print quality (300dpi). The images of accepted works may be used to promote the event. Early submissions are more likely to be used to promote the festival.
The Festival intends to produce a brochure of the event.

For other disciplines, the files will be named in a similar way and should not exceed 20MB; for larger files, arrangements will need to be made.

***Submissions that refer to sites or a file presentation in .pdf format will not be considered.***

Step 5

Selection Jury
A file must be assembled and presented to the selection committee composed of three people. The selection criteria are as follows: innovative character (10), rendering (10), concept (5) and importance of the artist in his environment (5).
Only artists whose works are selected will be notified.

Step 6

When your file is accepted, make sure that the selected works are available for sale. If one or more of your works are chosen, they must be properly packaged and sent to the delivery spot(coming soon). See examples of packaging.

Thanks for your interest

*** Given the size of the organization, be sure to submit all information requested in your submission. ***

The CAQ team
Jennifer-Lee Barker

Council of Quebec Artists

The Conseil des artistes québécois is a non-profit (association) and non-governmental organization.

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Admission to the Montreal Erotic Art Festival/Erotic Art Museum is by donation. Show your support by donating what you can:

Day Pass: The suggested donation is $10

Evening Pass: The suggested donation is $20

More details coming soon!

In collaboration with Cirque De Boudoir, le Conseil des artistes québécois, et Circus .